Pavit Ramesh

Research Assistant

Pavit Ramesh is a Research Assistant in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University. He holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability from Monash University with majors in Corporate Environment and Sustainability Management, and Leadership for Sustainable Development. He completed a master’s thesis that examined ‘for-profit, for-purpose’ business models in Australia, with a detailed focus on B Corps and Social Enterprises. His passion lies in the interface of sustainability and business, the emerging wave of purpose-driven businesses, ethical supply chains, and conscious leadership. He is particularly interested in the capacity of alternative business models to address sustainability challenges. He is currently working on TRANSFORM and other projects exploring sustainability within small and medium enterprises.

Outside of his role at Monash University, Pavit sits on the Advisory Board and leads networking strategy for Moral Fairground, a small business based in Melbourne with the goal to promote social entrepreneurship, conscious consumer behaviour, and ethical leadership. Prior to embarking on the pursuit of sustainability, Pavit completed his honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and held roles in engineering, automotive after-sales, and database management.


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