Dr. Sarah Burch awarded University of Waterloo International Research Partnership Grant

Dr. Sarah Burch, TRANSFORM Project Director, has been awarded an International Research Partnership Grant from the University of Waterloo. This $20,000 (CAD) award supports co-creation and knowledge mobilization activities that will benefit TRANSFORM’s researchers and its government, civil society, and private sector partners.

Six specific activities were identified for support by the Grant, including stakeholder workshops, high-impact contributions to journals, policy institutes and industry, and media engagement. The Grant also increases capacity for further funding applications by associated Project Hubs.

Notably, the proposed activities deepen TRANSFORM’s relationship with civil society participants who play an important role in bridging government and private sector in sustainable transformations. These civil society actors will have access to a growing pool of best practices, including evidence-informed advice on how to tailor and scale up successful strategies.

If you are a civil society organization working with public and private sector collaborators on sustainable transformations, contact us!


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