About Us

We are a global network of researchers committed to building SMEs’ capacity to accelerate their transition to sustainable and resilient business models, and informing policies that help shape inclusive, and competitive low-carbon communities.


This work is informing municipal, provincial and federal policy decisions, and shaping Canada’s transition to a resilient, inclusive, and competitive low-carbon economy.

How will we achieve this?

The project has five main areas of activity: gathering case study data, developing organizational capacity, undertaking new sustainability experiments, designing practitioner toolkits and making policy recommendations. These are undertaken by research teams at a number of international universities (or Hubs) and with a diverse community of public sector, civil society and business partners.

Transform Activity

Global Research Hubs

The TRANSFORM Hubs are coordinated and directed by a team at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The Hubs undertake the main research, learning and knowledge mobilization activities of the project, and also collaborate with partner organizations to help keep our work meaningful, engaged and up-to-date with business needs and decision-making environments.

The Transform Team

Some of the TRANSFORM Project research leaders at the 2019 AGM.

Cross-Sector, Inclusive Partnership

As our network grows, so does our impact.

We have worked with incredible organizations across the world, in many sectors – manufacturing, consulting, service, not-for-profits, government partners, and others. They help us understand the real-world experience of transformational sustainability, and what it means to be a small business engaged in sustainable practices.


Our Recent Partners

“It is clear that incremental approaches are insufficient to rapidly transform our cities into deeply sustainable and resilient spaces. We need a targeted, evidence-based approach to engage and support small businesses as they develop transformative business models.”

Dr. Sarah Burch

Transform Project Director


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