Meet our Masters of Geography student, Kyra Chisholm

Kyra Chisholm (she/her) is a Master’s of Geography student in the SPROUT (Sustainable Policy Research on Urban Transitions) Lab at the University of Waterloo. Kyra is interested in understanding the pathways that SMEs follow in transitioning to a more circular economy and the organizations and institutional enablers and barriers that they experience along the way. She is also looking to examine the ways in which the principles of the circular economy contribute to increased resilience for SMEs, such as geographically shorter and more stable supply chains, building adaptive capacity within the organization, etc.

On the TRANSFORM project Kyra is a member of the Rapid Research Team that is working to understand how deeply sustainable enterprises contribute to community resilience (for more about the work of the Rapid Research Team, check out our blog article here). She has contributed evidence of sustainable SMEs across Canada  whose operations contribute to aspects of increased community resilience. Additionally, she has contributed to writing some of the content  of a forthcoming policy brief, and in the coming months Kyra will contribute to a peer-reviewed paper alongside the members of the Rapid Research Team. 

Kyra’s Master’s thesis will apply the TRANSFORM case study methods to co-create case studies with 3-4 SMEs that have circular business models, which you can read more about here. he case studies are intended to demonstrate how the principles of the circular economy can be implemented by SMEs in pursuit of a sustainable transformation.    

In the future, Kyra would like to pursue a career that would allow her to work with SME’s in conceiving of and pursuing their sustainability goals. She can envision herself working for a non-profit or small business consulting firm. The TRANSFORM project aligns strongly with Kyra’s previous aspirations to pursue a career in assisting businesses pursue much needed transitions for sustainability.


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