Massive Urban Missions: Swedish Hub Milestone

Our Swedish team, and Dr. Kes McCormick have recently received news on successful funding for Massive Urban Missions. This funding supports two new PhDs — one in Lund, and one in Linköping.

Inspired by the mission to “put a man on the moon”, the European research and innovation missions aim to deliver solutions to some of the most significant challenges facing our world. A key mission is to achieve 100 climate neutral cities in Europe by 2030. The overall purpose of this project is to investigate and critically reflect upon how to deliver climate neutral cities in Sweden through the combination of smart integrated infrastructure and mission-oriented governance. The challenge of climate neutrality demands an urban metabolism approach and new forms of collaboration between social and technical studies to work towards transforming socio-technical systems to achieve Massive Urban Missions. The project will result in increased and deeper knowledge and understanding on 1) how to combine smart integrated infrastructure and mission-oriented governance as well as 2) how to utilize the urban metabolism approach and urban living labs to contribute to climate neutral cities.

Congratulations, Kes & team!

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To learn more about city development and the role of SMEs in sustainable cities, check out the three MOOCs provided by Kes and his team, available here:


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