Meet our new Communications Assistant, Meghan Henderson

Meghan is a recent graduate of the Ethics, Society, and Law program at the University of Toronto and is ecstatic to be joining the TRANSFORM team! She has long been passionate about environmental sustainability, equity, social justice, grassroots advocacy, and communications. Meghan was inspired to join the TRANSFORM team as she strongly believes that businesses possess the power to create substantial impact in the fight against climate change. Her skills and passions have been developed through several professional and extracurricular experiences in the fields of sustainability, climate health, equity, social justice, land use planning, communications, and social media management.

Through each of her experiences, she has learned the value of sustainable action through community and corporate initiatives, both through acting as individual actors and as collective units. Meghan is particularly interested in how the climate crisis has incurred differentiated impacts and exposed the varied capacities to prepare and respond to such impacts. She is a strong believer that small and mid-sized businesses have been largely excluded from conversations about climate change, however that they possess tremendous power in combatting the climate crisis. She hopes to promote the importance of sustainable action through communicative advocacy and social media outreach.


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