Foster & Uplift a Community of Future Women & BIPOC Sustainability Leaders

Le Prix Clothing Waterloo, Canada

Practice description:

Partners only with local brands that upcycle, provide recycling programs, and/or use only non-toxic or biodegradable inputs. The company has joined local and global social media movements advocating for social or sustainable change in the clothing industry and climate action. They offer temporary space (pop-ups) in store to BIPOC & women-owned brands whose marketplaces closed due to COVID-19 and source stock and decor from local artists.

Le Prix Clothing

Foster & Uplift a Community of Future Women & BIPOC Sustainability Leaders

Total duration 10 years
Pathway maps represent the sequence businesses followed to implement successful sustainability practices and identify emerging ones within firms. The pathways also reveal the diversity of actors that begin to form sustainability enabling ecosystems for businesses to adopt, deploy or test sustainability practices.

How does this contribute to SDGs?

Contributions to SDGs

Contribution to UN SDGs:

• Goal 8.5: Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for women and men and equal pay for work of equal value.
• Goal 8.8: Protect labour rights and provide safe and secure work environments for all workers.

9. Industry Innovation And Infrastructure
11. Sustainable Cities And Communities
13. Climate Action
17. Partnership For The Goals

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Relationship-building and leadership
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Read the Case Study

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