Energy Efficient Office Routines and Awareness

SkyAlert México City, Mexico

Practice description:

Designed in-house early warning sensors that are energy saving and has instated a policy of information on climate change with employees through a series called “Global Warming Wednesdays,” where issues related to climate change are discussed. In the same way, the dissemination of this information is sought with its users and the general public that accesses its social networks. In both cases, current and interesting information is shared on natural phenomena, the disasters that can be generated, and the actions to reduce them, such as sustainability practices.


Energy Efficient Office Routines and Awareness

Total duration
Pathway maps represent the sequence businesses followed to implement successful sustainability practices and identify emerging ones within firms. The pathways also reveal the diversity of actors that begin to form sustainability enabling ecosystems for businesses to adopt, deploy or test sustainability practices.

How does this contribute to SDGs?

Contributions to SDGs
13. Climate Action
9. Industry Innovation And Infrastructure
17. Partnership For The Goals
11. Sustainable Cities And Communities

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Read the Case Study

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