Reduce Energy Use in Manufacturing

Toyota Boshoku Waterloo, Canada

Practice description:

Set annual GHG reduction target from corporate offices with a clear target of 40% GHG emission reductions over 2015 levels by 2030.Installation of a domestic solar hot water system, complemented by the installation of a battery bank in the Woodstock plant for use during peak provincial electricity demand.

Toyota Boshoku

Reduce Energy Use in Manufacturing

Total duration 20 years
Pathway maps represent the sequence businesses followed to implement successful sustainability practices and identify emerging ones within firms. The pathways also reveal the diversity of actors that begin to form sustainability enabling ecosystems for businesses to adopt, deploy or test sustainability practices.

How does this contribute to SDGs?

Contributions to SDGs

Contribution to UN SDGs:

• Goal 12.2: Sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.
• Goal 7.3: Increase rate of energy efficiency.
• Goal 7.2: Increase share of renewable energy.

9. Industry Innovation And Infrastructure
11. Sustainable Cities And Communities
13. Climate Action
17. Partnership For The Goals

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