Prof. Stefan Schaltegger


Prof. Stefan Schaltegger is full professor of sustainability management. He is head of the Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM), is among the internationally most cited researchers in sustainability management and founded the world-wide first MBA in Sustainability Management in 2003.

In the last years, Dr. SChaltegger has focused on Busines Models for Sustainability (Schaltegger et al. 2016a, b) and is identifying the specific need for modified and completely new business models. Furthermore, he has developed the Sustainability Balanced scorecard (Figge et al. 2002) and is experienced with the elaboration of socially and entrepreneurially accepted tools.

Dr. Schaltegger focuses his work in sustainability transformations in SMEs, international collaboration, cooperation with corporate partners and knowledge transfer. With regard to the integration of concepts as social entrepreneurship, benefit corporations, and sustainable business incubators, Dr. Schaltegger contributes to sustainability innovations in regional medium-sized companies.

Dr. Schaltegger established the Sustainability Leadreship Forum that is also initiated by the German Environmental Management Association (BAUM). The mission of the forum is to maintain and enhance the leadership position of member companies in this area. In September 2010 the SLF was awarded as an UN Decade Project. The Sustainability Leadership Forum is primarily about knowledge transfer and the working out of concrete solutions to problems by exchanging experiences – among academic researchers, business-people, and government officials.


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