TRANSFORM activities in Lund and Leuphana in 2022!

TRANSFORM’s Lund and Leuphana hubs have jointly developed the WP2 capacity development program SIBLINGS (Sustainability Learning Network for craft beverage producers in Germany & Sweden) taking place in February and March 2022. The sessions were chaired by Daniel J. Lang (Leuphana University) and Barry Ness (Lund University) and moderated/organized by Jennifer Rao-Williams (Leuphana), Darin Wahl and Ulrike Krantz (both Lund University) with support from the students Annika Drube (Lund) and Paulina Heeg (Leuphana). Participants that had signed up for the program represented three Swedish micro-breweries, two German micro-breweries, and one German coffee roastery!

On February 17th the SIBLINGS network kicked-off in a virtual getting to know each other session including a beer tasting with the objective to convene around shared sustainability challenges. 

On day two of the capacity building activities, participants were introduced to and reflected on sustainable brewing principles, which have been co-created among small alcoholic beverage producers in Scania. Furthermore, two guest researchers presented their capacity building work: Dr. Hanna Weber from Leuphana University, on connecting consumers to producers, and Dr. Christopher Luederitz from McGill University in Canada, on longer term orientations of a brewery scene & sustainability principles.

Moreover, participants and researchers engaged in a sustainability practice experience exchange featuring virtual study tour films. On February 22nd, five of the signed-up participants attended. One interesting result of the event was that all participating breweries were interested in further exploring the principles, especially social aspects such as Engagement and Gender & Diversity.

The third session of the SIBLINGS program will take place over March 9th and 14th. The plan is for participants to engage in a visioning and backcasting exercise with the broader goal of creating and committing to experiments for WP3. We look forward to seeing what results the SIBLINGS program yield!


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