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Conductive Music London, United Kingdom

SME Name
Conductive Music
SME Size
Micro 1-9
Educational Services
Dr Enrico Bertelli
Developed by Dr. Jose Di Bella


Because making, breaking, and learning through play is awesome! The company’s mission is to deliver engaging music learning programs for all school children, mixing the Arts with Technology and championing the STEAM approach. The company is made of musicians, educators, and researchers who, for almost a decade, have delivered upwards of 5,000 music workshops to 25,000 students in over 400 schools in England and 20 Countries worldwide. Their unique knowledge and experience in this sphere makes the company a vital asset to teachers, schools, and the eighteen Music Education Hubs which support them.

Sustainability Story

The company seeks to: “Design, build, [and] push [their] inventions to the limit until they break, then take them apart, fix them, and learn everything about them. The joy of imagining and then bringing [one’s] own instrument to life is infectious, and [they] want to share it. [They] want to inspire inventors who know what to do when stuff goes wrong. [They] want to show them how to embrace failure, boost resilience and grow independently through trial and error. [They] thought [they] would share this with…school[s]: bringing Music, the Sciences and Creativity together in a fantastic new series of experiences.”

Conductive Music Practices

Science and creativity driven skill building

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Science and creativity driven skill building
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