Meet our Masters of Climate Change Intern, Nidhu Jagoda

Nidhu Jagoda BSc Hons (UWat) is pursuing a master’s of climate change at the University of Waterloo (UW). Her research interests lie in climate action, community mobilisation, innovation, science literacy, sustainable development policy framework, and climate change diplomacy and partnership development. She is the current National Network Coordinator for the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) – Canada Youth Chapter. She serves as co-chair for the  UN/ Networks Climate Change Working Group and the ImpAct Students Advisory Committee for Colleges and Institutes Canada. She has a diverse range of professional and leadership experience that has only further confirmed her passion for environmental sustainability issues and continues to drive her professional aspirations. She believes that transformative action around the SDGs, particularly climate action, is needed to create more resilient communities and societies. She is an honoree of the Duncan F. McIvor Memorial Award, UW President’s Scholarship, and the Graduation Dean’s Honours List amongst others. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games, DIY projects, a variety of mediums of artistic expression, and exploring the great outdoors.

We’re very excited that Nidhu is joining the TRANSFORM team to help our researchers deep dive into small and medium sized enterprises engaged in transformative sustainability practises, and how these relate to wider ecosystem resilience. The Internship will allow Nidhu to build upon key transferable skills in the climate change field, that will ultimately benefit their career in environmental sustainability moving forward! We’re very glad to be part of your professional journey!


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