Meet our new Co-Op Communications Officer, Elizabeth Mae Wood

Elizabeth is in her third year of completing an undergraduate degree in Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo and is thrilled to be joining the TRANSFORM team for her third Co-Op position. She has key drivers including a strong passion for outreach, communications and pushing a change for environmental sustainability within businesses. Elizabeth has been able develop her drive and passion for environmental sustainability through a variety of University courses, volunteer experiences, and well as a past co-op placement working in the municipal waste management industry. These experiences have allowed for her to gain a hands-on understanding of the importance of creating corporate social responsibility within businesses in order to be able to create large scale environmental change, which she hopes to pursue as a career post-graduation. Elizabeth has developed an interest in using communications and social media outreach to engage and educate the public in sustainability initiatives and is excited to bring this passion and drive to the TRANSFORM team.

Elizabeth’s expertise in social media tools and wider communications knowledge is very welcome at TRANSFORM and we’re delighted to have Elizabeth join us for the Spring 2021 Term at the University of Waterloo!


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