Low Carbon Business Model with Objective to Enact Positive Change in Industry

Precis Digital AB Stockholm, Sweden

Practice description:

The company has clear internal policies (environmental policy, IT & electronics, travel policy), action plans and sustainability commitments that are communicated to all employees and offices. The company monitors its CO2 footprint and optimizes internal operations, e.g. to reduce energy and water usage. The company change the digital marketing industry and create positive societal impact through selecting impactful clients (and excluding certain unsustainable and controversial industries) and supporting sustainable business ideas. The company cultivates a strong company culture characterized amongst other by strong values, transparency, employee well-being and a focus on good internal and external communications. The company has formulated marketing ethics according to which they run their operations and try to influence big partners that steer the market, e.g. Google.

Precis Digital AB

Low Carbon Business Model with Objective to Enact Positive Change in Industry

Total duration 10 years
Pathway maps represent the sequence businesses followed to implement successful sustainability practices and identify emerging ones within firms. The pathways also reveal the diversity of actors that begin to form sustainability enabling ecosystems for businesses to adopt, deploy or test sustainability practices.

How does this contribute to SDGs?

Contributions to SDGs
8. Decent Work And Economic Growth
12. Responsible Consumption And Production
15. Life On Land

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Communicating the normative sustainability topic to engage employees
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