TRANSFORM Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Jennifer Rao-Williams, has Plans to Turn Plastic into Razors

Dr. Jennifer Rao-Williams

Dr. Jennifer Rao-Williams is planning to reduce plastic waste by turning plastic into razors through her brand, J-RAO, a conscious cosmetic collective. The razors, named Brickazors, will be gender-free and inclusive, catering toward varying hair and skin types. Brickazors will be included in packages with organic soap and shaving foam, free from single-use plastics. A percentage of the earnings will be donated to marine conservation projects. A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to raise £10,000. This amount will allow them to apply to the Dundee City Council’s innovation fund and start manufacturing Brickazors in Angus and Dundee with plastic from Scottish waters. To support J-RAO, donate to the crowdfunding campaign here: and visit their website at:

We’re so proud to have you on our team, Dr. Rao-Williams!


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