TRANSFORM Team Members, Dr. Barry Ness and Darin Wahl, Co-Author a New Publication

The article by TRANSFORM researchers, Barry Ness and Darin Wahl, titled “Getting personal with collaborative sustainability experimentation: Reflections and recommendations from a transdisciplinary partnership with the Swedish craft beer sector” in Ambio, provides reflections on transdisciplinary solution experimentation processes with SMEs from the perspectives of sustainability researchers. It focuses on collaborative research with the Swedish craft beer sector. In the article nine reflections covering a variety of issues and potentials encountered during interactions with societal partners are presented. Furthermore, and based on the reflections, the authors propose a set of seven recommendations for how to more effectively collaborate with actors outside of academia to promote sustainable change. 

Recommendation examples include the researchers to be more open, transparent, self-aware and intentional, reflective and reflexive, and both adaptive and flexible. Furthermore, to create softer structures to facilitate understanding and mutual learning, such as designating “organizational champions”, as well as to embed collaborative reflections into recurring meetings with partners to maintain trust and capture sustainability knock-on opportunities as they arise

Congratulations to you both! We’re happy to have you both on the TRANSFORM team!


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