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Waterloo Hub hosts Learning Dialogue with local businesses

The Waterloo Hub was busy over the past five months delving into the first of our research interviews with local businesses.


TRANSFORM Project Researchers Experimenting with Hyperlocal Hop Growing

Swedish TRANSFORM Project researchers at Lund University in Sweden have begun hydroponic...

TRANSFORM’s Australian partners secure Australian Research Council Grant

Our brilliant partners at Monash University, in partnership with Swinburne University and...

Please welcome John Nesbitt to our team!

We are thrilled to introduce our new research manager, John Nesbitt. Welcome!


How might sustainable business practices contribute to resilient local economies in a post-COVID-19 world? We’re so glad you asked!

Check out our research report, “Sustainable business practices can build resilient local economies for a post-COVID-19 recovery”.


Massive Urban Missions: Swedish Hub Milestone

Our Swedish team, and Dr. Kes McCormick have recently received news on...

Case Study: Conductive Music

A pair of researchers from our Waterloo hub have worked through a...

Meet our MITACS Intern, Stacey O’Sullivan

Our team is excited to welcome Stacey O’Sullivan (she/her) – our newest...

Meet our Masters of Geography student, Kyra Chisholm

Kyra Chisholm (she/her) is a Master’s of Geography student in the SPROUT...

Meet our Co-Op Student Database Developer, Yunqing Fei

To me, transformation means a shift of consciousness of sustainability. Yunqing Fei,...

Partner Profile: Zena Harris, Green Spark Group

It’s an industry that touches the lives of media-buffs around the world. ...

Building Capacity in Women Entrepreneurs to Start and Run Sustainable SMEs

Our Arizona Hub team, based at Arizona State University, has been hard...


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