Reduce Waste

Wooden Boat Food Company Waterloo, Canada

Practice description:

Track waste output from restaurants after diverting all food waste and recyclables. Share supplier contact data with other food businesses who inquire how to copy waste reduction activities.

Prevent waste water overuse by using just-in-time cleaning protocol; reduce wastewater and chemicals for cleaning by 85% versus industry standard

Install food digesters in on-site garden beds

Engage cooking oil recycling company to collect and reuse spent cooking oil in pet products; divert all cooking oils into upcycled products and invest in durable storage containers, eliminating disposable food preparation materials.

Wooden Boat Food Company

Reduce Waste

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Pathway maps represent the sequence businesses followed to implement successful sustainability practices and identify emerging ones within firms. The pathways also reveal the diversity of actors that begin to form sustainability enabling ecosystems for businesses to adopt, deploy or test sustainability practices.

How does this contribute to SDGs?

Contributions to SDGs
3. Good Health And Well-Being
12. Responsible Consumption And Production
11. Sustainable Cities And Communities

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