Prof. Megan Farelly

Associate Professor

Prof. Megan Farrellys research focuses on exploring the role of sustainability experimentation (technical and governance) in helping to promote and deliver changes in policy and on-ground practices. This focus is on demonstrations/experiments related to trialling innovative alternative water systems, green infrastructure and decentralised energy technologies. Drawing on socio-ecological systems, new institutionalism and sustainability transitions scholarship, she is interested in unpacking the role and utility of experimentation as a process towards delivering and sustaining change. Complementing this research, she has an interest in social learning, evaluation and impact assessment, drivers of institutional change and unpacking urban transformations.

Dr. Farrelly has a growing interest in understanding disaster resilience and risk management in Australia and beyond in relation to ‘how sustainable practices may deliver improved resilience to extreme events (e.g. heat waves, droughts and floods).


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