Prof. Wendy Stubbs

Associate Professor

Dr. Wendy Stubbs is an Associate Professor in the Human Geography discipline in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University. Her research seeks to understand how business can more holistically address its environmental, social and economic responsibilities. Her PhD (2006) in corporate sustainability developed a ‘sustainability business model’ that integrates sustainability into the core business model. This research is recognized as pioneering in the field of business models for sustainability (BMfS), and her research continues to explore business models that are grounded in the principles of sustainability (environmental, social and economic).

Current research projects are investigating the emergence of new BMfS such as BCorps that adopt a ‘for-profit, for-purpose’ business model to address sustainability issues, purpose business ecosystems that support for-purpose businesses, and the emergence of integrated reporting (IR). IR promises to streamline reporting to enhance accountability, stewardship and trust to improve management of environmental, social, human and financial capital. Wendy’s research explores the effectivess of IR for improving sustainability outcomes.  Prior to her academic career, Dr Stubbs was a senior executive in the telecommunications and IT industry.


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